Can Exes Be Friends?


Ask yourself this… Were you friends in the beginning? Did you start as friends or try to become friends during the process?

I always TRY to build a friendship with those I involve myself with especially someone that I see myself with for an extended period of time. I feel that it helps with the process going forward and then IF things end it could help with that process as well.

With that being said, I feel that a friendship can be had after a breakup based on certain circumstances. I can’t be friends with someone that I had a bad break up with. Meaning we did not end on good terms, nothing about our break up screamed positivity or we don’t hold a remaining bond of some sort. Under those circumstances a friendship would be far from my mind.

If the break up was mutual and we end on good terms I feel that a friendship can be manifested, IF one didn’t already exist. Like I mentioned before, I always like to build a friendship with the people I plan to involve myself with prior to committing to a person.

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I’m not saying that friendship is going to happen over night. Sometimes, in most cases, it takes time to build a friendship with someone you were involved with on a deeper level.

I’ve had cases where my relationships ended and that was that. I’ve had instances where my relationship ended and we didn’t talk for over a year but we are each others best friend present day. I have even had instances where we ended things but instantly we went on to continue as friends, we just cut the ties that made us a couple.

I literally could call each person I’ve been in a serious relationship with, minus one, today and have a conversation with them on a friend level. No feelings attached.  This is rare and it doesn’t happen for everyone or every situation.

Building a friendship with a person first has honestly worked in my favor. It is something that I encourage everyone to do before committing to someone. We all want to marry our best friend one day so why not start there first.

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10 thoughts on “Can Exes Be Friends?

  1. I am a firm believer that you can not and should not be friends with your exes especially those whom you have no other ties with such as kids. You can be friendly but not friends


  2. I think it’s certaily possible to remain friends. The key is to make sure that you both are on the same page with how to move forward. There was a time I was friends with an ex and he still thought there was a chance. Apparently he has been thinking about it for a while — I had not. We remained friends after I shut that down but that definitely could’ve gone another way if we weren’t mature enough to move past it.


  3. I stayed in contact with an ex for a short period but ultimately I just don’t think it works in the longterm if unresolved feelings are still there.


    1. I always feel like a friendship first builds for a deeper connection later and for whatever reason, if things come to an end you have something to fall back on because you were friends to begin with. may not happen instantly but its possible.

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    1. I think its a little different when you bring marriage into the picture. I don’t think I could do it after that either. Before marriage, its possible I think depending on certain circumstances.


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