Love vs. Cheating

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There are many levels to cheating and everyone has their OWN definition of it. Regardless of what you consider cheating, people do it all the time. Most times they are doing it to someone they “love” the most. That in no way makes it right but it happens, whether we like it or not.

People cheat for many reasons whether it is because they are not sexually satisfied in their current relationship. Maybe its because of a lack of emotional satisfaction. What they have at home they feel just isn’t enough. The list could go on and on. Regardless of the reasoning behind it does it mean that you don’t love the person you cheated on?

I’ll start by saying this cheating in no way is ever justifiable. Hurting someone intentionally is hard to forgive and even harder to forget.

With that being said…

If we look at things from a male point of view, they cheat less based on emotion but more on what they get in the moment. They go after an opportunity that is presented to them and run with it. No emotion and no intent to commit to the one they cheated with because they already found/have the one they “love”.

Whereas for females (some not all)…

Females cheat more based on emotional factors. How they feel about someone or how someone makes them feel. Maybe its even for revenge purposes. You know the “I want you to hurt as much as you hurt me” situation.

Cheating is definitely not by accident & is a choice of each individual. Although wrong, it does not eliminate the feelings you have for the person you cheated on. Yes at that point the way you feel for them will be questioned and would be held up for  a STRONG debate but that is natural.  Those feelings do not just go away and disappear.

I feel you can care for a person deeply & have love for a person you betray (still doesn’t make it right). People do make mistakes, yes, but cheating is still a CHOICE!

Arguably some may say “how can you cheat on someone you claim you love” or “if you cheat you never loved the person in the first place”.

If you TRULY love someone, YOU CANNOT CHEAT ON THEM! Nothing in this world would allow you to because you would never want to see that person hurt by something you did. Especially of that magnitude. Cheating on someone you truly love shows you have no respect for that individual as your partner and as your mate.

You just can’t sit up and say to someone that you truly love them and are committed to them but still go out and cheat on them. It doesn’t add up. PERIOD!

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16 thoughts on “Love vs. Cheating

  1. Very interesting topic. If you’re not happy with me, then leave me. Get a divorce. Don’t cheat. I tell my husband that all the time. If he ever get caught cheating, we’re getting a divorce. It’s over. End of discussion. No relationship is perfect, but cheating should never be an option.

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  2. I think that a great number of people don’t know what love is. I know that we all have the capacity to hurt people we love. I also know that we have all hurt someone we love, and been hurt by those who love us. As for cheating, I don’t care if you think you love me or not, once the trust is gone, I’m gone. Love will not be enough to keep me in the relationship.

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